Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Google Guntitude

When I recently was in the US I was really glad to have the new plugin Google Guntitude in my phone: I suddenly could see how many pistols, guns and other weapons had surrounded me. On the one hand that was frightning, on the other hand it made me feeling saver from unwanted surprise. How it works is that the mobile phone communicates with the (smart) guns [1] and displays the information on Google Maps.
I'm wondering about the next step: Since it's mostly deterrence anyway, it is enough to just buy a 'virtual mock-up' of a gun - it keeps criminals away from me since they already see my tremendous laser gun/tank/war plane equipment on their mobile phone. Accordingly, I myself neither have to carry this heavy devices with me nor do I have spend money on the real physical artifacts. This means higher deterrence with less guns, and as such a saver Google Guntitude is the solution!

[1] Cliff Gromer: 'Smart' Guns: Dumb Idea, Popular Mechanics, July 2003 issue

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