Friday, May 11, 2012

How the IoT might affect the Insurance business

I've been invited as a keynote speaker of the ICIS Usergroup Konferenz in Karlsruhe. The ICIS Usergroup
is a network various insurers and solution providers that develop an inventory management framework for insurers across various sectors. The ICIS represents the business logic for all core functionalities of insurers including claims management, CRM, bonuses of the sales force etc. The systems has been initially implemented on Oracle, after 15yrs the system is being opened up now to run also on DB2 as well as being available as a web-service based platform on various browsers. Current plans moving forward include the integration of social networks in order to capture a more comprehensive view on the insurances' clients interacting with the insurance also via Twitter and Facebook.

In my talk I provided a description of the emerging Internet of Things in order to picture new opportunitities and challenges of capturing new dimensions of data about real world phenomena. I presented an outlook of future services insurances could be provided and also reflected on to which extend social media could start replicating the old notion of social circles being liable for each other without requiring a third-party insurance.
I'm looking to the first insurance services being tied and sold as a new feature of actual physical products.