Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dissertation about NFC payment

Tom Wiechert finally had his disputation. He was analyzing the economics of contactless payments based on NFC. There, he compared the transaction costs and fees of various other payment systems (credit card, debit card, cash...) against NFC payment. Tom came up with a mathematical
model calculating different scenarios for retailers introducing NFC payment. His thesis [1] will be published soon on auto-id
Throughout his thesis work he wrote an article [2] on the differences and communalities between EPC and NFC which got cited a quite bit, recently.

[1] (link to follow, search here)
[2] T. Wiechert, F. Thiesse, F. Michahelles, P. Schmitt, E. Fleisch: Connecting Mobile Phones to the Internet of Things: A Discussion of Compatibility Issues between EPC and NFC, Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Keystone, Colorado, USA, 2007, [PDF].


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