Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LinkedIn as a new source for inside companies' facts?

The guessing about when and if at all NFC technology will ever have a break-through is still heavily discussed. Myself, I was very enthusiastic when several NFC plans got released and finally Google and Samsung brought the first NFC-enabled smart phone to the market. However, not much has happened since then, apart from NFC-payment trials, larger pilots and the Google wallet requiring Sprint subscribers having a bank account from CitiBank.
As company plans are secret, usually rumors and statements provide the basis for speculating on the future. I was very surprised to see a new source of speculating on company internals: the blog NFCtimes recently reported "LinkedIn pages for both von Behren and Wall indicate the pair left the wallet project last month." as a fact about Google Wallet.
Thus, be careful about changing your social media profiles, they might leak some company secrets and generate news...public is the new default!