Saturday, March 7, 2009

Talk "Mobile telephones as a consumer interface to services and applications" @ SEREC, ETH

I was invited at the symposium RFID visions and reality.
The session started with a policy overview from Florent Frederix of the European commision. Then I had the opportunity to talk about the specific features, building blocks, and challenges for developing successful applications for the mobile phone (slides here).

We had a quite extensive discussion about how to develop innovative applications (market pull vs. technology push), effect of free wireless access everywhere, and about the date when finally NFC will become available in Europe. I learned that the reason for adoption in Japan is that NTT Docomo just had the power to force device manufacturers to build it into the phone.
Another talk I enjoyed was about GPS and indoor positioning system, an interesting one was an inertial sensor system - not for planes - but for people in buildings. You find the program of the event here.

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