Friday, March 6, 2009

Mobile phone and OSes

Today, we had the first talks in my seminar Business Aspects of the Internet of Things. We had quite inspiring discussion about the differences between PC and mobile phones. Whereas the PC receives full attention of the user, mobile apps have to deal with divided attention and have to be more to the point - which spans a nice play ground also for our own research on mobile apps [1][2][3]. Whereas the OSes have consolidated in the PC area, the mobile phone domain is still experience quite a variety, a nice - subjective - overview can be found here [4]. We had a wild discussion and showed that as, whether to choose iphone/symbian/android/windows mobile at some point becomes a religious discussion. Interestingly, one student mentioned that she only uses her phone to conduct - an important application we all must not forgot despite the excitement about all these great smart phone applications today.
Why I am thinking all about that now...I have to give a talk about that tomorrow...

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[2] A Mobile Product Recommendation System Interacting with Tagged Products, F. von Reischach, D. Guinard, F. Michahelles, E. Fleisch, PerCom 2009, Galveston, March 2009, [PDF].
[3] Oliver Baecker, Florian Michahelles: Claim Reporting, Demo @ Pervasive 2009, Nara/Japan, (forthcoming)
[4]Giz Explains: Illustrated Guide to Smartphone OSes

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