Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Traced by my credit card

I had a really pleasant arrival in Japan. Indeed looking into all the face-masks of custom official and police (swine disease!) looked scary. I was also a little bit worried when I had to identify myself as a potential threat admitting that I have visited the US less than 10days before. However, the countermeasures were quite funny: I received a white info slip where as the "good" ones received a yellow which, however, in the ende did not make a differences. I was neither temperature scanned nor treated differently, but I eagerly avoided to start any coughing;)

Finally, I just had to withdraw some money. For some reason both my debi-t and credit-card were always rejected - very annoying. I tried it several times at several machines. Suddenly, I received a phone call - what a surprise thanks to 3G I finally have a world-wide working phone. It was my credit card company asking me whether I would be in Japan, whow track & trace works: "Are you currently in Japan? Someone continously tried to withdraw more than 5000 swiss francs from your account...". Hmm, I had to admit that it was myself, stupid.

But the amazing thing was that they really have a real-time alert system revealing my stupid behavior on the spot: I had an order of magnitude wrong exchange rate in my mind...

That was just a big relief: if there is value you don't think about privacy!!!

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