Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is Japan a high-tech country?

When I arrived in Japan I suddenly remberred Prof. Schildhauer's talk who claimed that "everybody in Japan reads books on his mobile mobile. Well, I've never been there - but I had been told...". Not surprisingly that was not the case. Obviously, internet on mobile phones is common-sense but other than that it's not really all that different. Of course I encountered some interesting innovations, the toilet with integrated tap, the high-tech toilet with hot/cold shower etc.
What's also undisputable is the openness or addiction to games, that's not necessarly shot'em all but also entertaining stuff as virtual music.
I very much enjoyed the internet simulation based on ball paths displayed in Tokyo's innovation museum.

Overall, of course the availability of electronics is much higher than in Europe (see the 'electronics grocery-like booth'). Also the openess to use new devices appears to be there. It is argued that this attitude could be explained by the Shintoism which does not differentiate between lively and not-lively objects.

However, Japan is still not that technical advanced that the initial claim about reading books on mobile phones would hold, Japan is still also very traditional (as you can see on the black-board representing the digital display).


pierce79 said...

Hello yeah it is they always have the latest in technology so im agreed the have the high tech and they got internet directory


Tensai said...

I believe what the professor refers to, is SMS-Novel. They rely on SMS, not mobile internet (unless they opt for push-email). You can subscribe to them and receive short passage periodically.

Some of these SMS-Novel are so popular that they end up on hard-copy book, TV and theaters. A very good channel for start-up writer.

So, I would say they are very, very popular indeed. If you are picky about the word "everybody", then add "everybody from new generation". This by-no-means they don't read hard-copy books at all. Mobile phone is just another source for reading good story.

So, does this changes your mind about the initial claim?

Though SMS is definitely NOT high-tech, but as you said, the willingness of accepting new technology is there. (they would read books from the tiny mobile phone screen, rather than waiting for the Kindle to release =)

I'm not sure about Europe, but in thought-to-be-high-tech USA, I dont think SMS-publishing is getting anywhere.

Isobe Ltin said...

I encountered some interesting innovations, the toilet with integrated tap.
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