Sunday, September 23, 2012

Talking about the state of RFID at RFID Sec 2012

 I was invited by Jaap-Henk Hoepman to give the keynote at RFIDSec'2012 Nijmegen..
RFIDSec has been established eight years ago as very focused series of workshops standing of their own emphasizing security under the lower-power, low-computing capabilities, low-cost of RFID technology. It has been quite a while ago I attended this workshop back then when we investigated RFID as a tool against anti-counterfeiting [1]. Giving the keynote provided me with the privilege to show the privacy slide first at the conference. Other speaks pulled out the very same slide later again...we should really think to draw a new slide about this topic;)
Thus I reviewed the history and development of RFID in my talk "When will RFID embrace our everyday lifes?" (see my prezi). I should what happened and what not happened: no RFID tags on items in the retail stores. I provided some hope and asked for patience, as reviewing the history of barcode also revealed very long development and deployment cycles. Finally, I proposed to drive adoption by identifying clear business cases, providing out-of-the box tool for easing deployment and, ultimately, to focus on user experience. For more details see also the conference report of Jaap-Henk Hoepman which almost provides a transcript of my talk (see here).

 [1] Lehtonen, M., Staake, T., Michahelles, F., Fleisch, E.: From Identification to Authentication - A Review of RFID Product Authentication Technique, Workshop on RFID Security -- RFIDSec 06, July 2006.

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