Friday, June 8, 2012

Science Magazin article about IoT in China

Mara Hvistendahl has released an article on the current state of Internet of Things research in China in the recent issue of the Science Magazin. She describes how the Chinese prime minister has been pushing Internet of Things as one of the key technology areas for transforming the Chinese industries.
Several researchers from China mention the opportunities in food monitoring and challenges of IoT such as standardization, big data analysis, and establishment of decentralized systems. I contributed my doubts about how an emerging Internet of Things - building upon the notion of sharing and collaboration - could be successfully implemented in an environment still fostering central control. Additionally, I expressed my admiration about the large sensing projects becoming possible in China at much faster pace than in Europe or US. I'm looking forward to discuss my observations at Internet of Things China 2012 Conference in a few weeks.

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