Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Internet of Things - Where are the Robots? - Any ideas?

Talking about the Internet of Things we are discussing a lot about RFID, barcode, mobile phones, sensors...however, this is all about input only. What about output - beyond screens, LED's, projections - about actuation, about letting the Internet of Things not only blend real world and virtual world into each other through information but letting the IoT also take effect in our real world: e.g. using robots.
Irena Pletikosa from our lab is currently collecting ideas and scenarios of robots servicing public spaces, such as libraries and retail centers. If you're interested in the results please participate in her survey and share your ideas at http://robots.im.ethz.ch.


tamberg said...

A small but crucial first step might be to enable access to Internet-connected embedded systems located behind firewalls (or NATs, at least with IPv4). The project http://yaler.org/ was started to achieve this in a simple, open and scalable way using standard HTTP. Kind regards,

Andremartin said...

There are aspects of that in the internet routing of today. Once one sees this internet of things in standard containers as an analogy to the internet.

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