Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Internet of Things and Citizens

I really get the feeling that moving from RFID, a technology for businesses, over an architecture for the internet of things, at least initally for businesses as well, to DYI consumer and citizen technology starts to touch the ground.
Rob van Kranenburg has released his report about the The 2nd Annual Conference Internet of Things Europe 2010. He outlines
  • integration of policy recommendations, applications and cloud to store
  • standards to go hand in hand with applications
  • more effective application of governance
  • multi stakeholder consultation process
  • migrate terms: seamless might shift towards usability: seamless experience, hard-coding might shift toward social values, in the sense of standard making will also mean not only technical but also interaction and value
as necessary step to achieve this vision. I do not agree with
What we need: an (EU) device:
as I do not believe that development and adoption of devices can be mandated. Obviously, I'd appreciate alternatives to all the Androids and iphones, but either it happens or it doesn't - but it can not be governed. Instead, I'm really intrigued by the opportunities of IoT is changing the relationship between the individuals allowing to scale democracy to finer-grain decision making. Which, obviously, requires education and debates about 'sensor wisdom’ very early on in schools.

Most importantly, it's already happening today:

express your opinion on everything, everywhere and in public

rewards shopper behavior, beginning when they walk through the door. Consumers rack up points for scanning products, testing products or even visiting a dressing room.

a mobile wallet—consumers can buy, send and redeem gift cards
users can find deals up to 20 miles away

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