Thursday, June 3, 2010

Talk from Karmen Franinovic about Responsive Technologies

I could attend a talk Karmen Franinovic from ZHDK as part of a lecture series about responsive technologies. Karmen is an architect and works as an artist and interaction designer exploring the use of technology in architecture, public space and everyday life. She raises awareness of interaction with/in the urban surroundings and its diverse ecologies. She a number of examples where she installed technologies, e.g. loudspeakers the grasp and reply environment sounds, and observed people's behavior.
Being an artist she does not have to tackle questions like "what is it good for?", "what are the learnings from that?", it's more about playing with daily routines and behaviors and challenging those by technology.


amjadbutt said...
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karmen said...

Hi Florian, I guess I should be talking more about those questions ;) For art projects those questions are perhaps less pragmatic and more fuzzy. In interaction design research (and user-centered practice) knowing what something is good for is at the core of what we do (see my papers ;). Most often people have technology and ideas, but convincing reason to do it. For example, last week I was invited to Philips Design were we tried to answer this question: Why do we need the IoT of Lights? Not easy indeed! Little summary here -