Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Visiting the Innovative Retail Laboratory (IRL) of DFKI

I was glad to visit the IRL of DFKI in Saarbruecken. I gave a talk about how retail could face the challenge of emerging mobile internet in supermarket. Instead of banning phones which is currently happening in single places, a more mid-term strategy should be to find new business models and implementations to actually benefit from these developments [1]. I enjoyed the discussions with Antonio Krueger, his team, and quite many visitors from the local retailer Globus sponsoring the IRL. I liked the argument of “consumers don’t want to play with their mobile in supermarket, as they want to limit their stay there already” challenging our my2cents approach running on mobile phones. Whereas displays represent an interesting alternative especially for additional manufacturer information I would question the perception of “independent third party information” on this store-owned equipment…
The tour of IRL starts with the a shopping list generated at the fridge, continues with an RFID-navigated shopping-cart to an RFID-enabled shelf, displaying infos about products picked from the shelf, NFC check-out and inventory update back at the fridge including warnings about allergic items. Overall, a really nice playground for research.

[1] Kyoung Jun Lee, Young Hwan Seo: Design of a RFID-Based Ubiquitous Comparison Shopping System. KES (1) 2006: 1267-1283

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