Friday, November 28, 2008

What a great Ambient Intelligence application for Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)

On the way back from AmI I took the train. Since my family with me one could say we quite some significant amount of luggage with us. However, the german railways has the great rule of 'one may take as much luggage on to the train as one can carry' which we could...

However, finally we had to change trains which failed to do since a broken escalator prevented us from catching the train on time. We took the next train just 10minutes but got fined as our ticket was booked for the previous one.

Now the ridiculous explanation of the conductor: 'you should have fetched a certification about the broken escalator!' Who would have ever thought about that!?

Anyway, may be a great ubicomp killer app for the Deutsche Bahn: 'a broken escalator's automatically send's a notification to the railway's public relations office asking for permission to alter the tickets of passengers that missed a trained because of that particular escalator'. I should try to get funding for that - this time I had to undergo the process myself...

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