Friday, November 12, 2010

The default setting is: public

I am a big fan "Professor Tarantogas Sprechstunde", a story from Stanislaw Lem, which describes self-announced inventors and visioners stealing the time of the poor Professor Tarantoga. Then, two "Antecepists" drop by who have developed a revolutionary concept for the fortune of human man kind. This arouses the professors' interest...

My interest got aroused about The Quantified Self. Peter Drucker's credo "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." gets a twist towards
If you can't measured it, you haven't done it!

Facebook updates and Tweets are only a pretty rough estimation of what we are up to. What if we can quantify that...scary? Maybe, but it's already happening, this is where I have been quantified so:
Then, there are these tracking devices people use to do sports (nike sports plus, nokia sportstracker, fitbit etc.). These devices also feed to twitter.
Why not capturing all these and putting into one place, a facebook for quantified activities, a pachube for personal tracking. It's there:

A quantt (notice the double t) is a simple way of describing human effort in social network status messages like Twitter and Facebook. It takes the form of:

#verb:value(optional unit) eg. #run:8miles (see

A nice way of how the quantified self can directly feedback for personal improvement is this meditation assistant:

Beer van Geer - Project Dagaz from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Privacy was yesterday, the default is public? Let's see, it's not the big brother, it's our big ego this time watching us...

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